During the last day of the work of the World Congress of Diaspora Cypriots, the Commissioner of the Presidency Mr. Fotis Fotiou made a presentation of the National Strategy of Diaspora Cypriots and then there was a presentation of the Online Platform of Diaspora Cypriots in collaboration with the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy and Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus.

Referring to the National Strategy, Mr. Fotiou emphasized that its main objective is the mapping of the Cypriots of the Diaspora, the strengthening of the new generation, the promotion of the Cypriot problem, as well as the change of the profile of the Cypriots of the Diaspora that will be made visible and utilized in from their qualitative and quantitative recording. He added: "The need to highlight the two-way relationship between Cyprus and Cypriots of the Diaspora has been identified and therefore the key pillars of the Strategy are to further highlight the role of federations and organizations, strengthening the connection of young people with their roots, promoting of our tradition and culture which is the connecting link with the homeland, the coordination of actions to promote our positions in Cyprus, the development of international cooperation with the exchange of know-how and joint actions and finally,

Referring to the operation of the Internet Platform of Cypriots of the Diaspora, Mr. Fotiou pointed out that it is an innovative platform that will reach out to all Cypriots of the Diaspora. "The platform that will be implemented very soon includes the registration register of Cypriots in the Diaspora, where our entrepreneurs, professionals, academics, etc. will be registered. and the 'Learn Your Roots' part, i.e. the educational part that concerns the learning of our language, history, culture and will be used by everyone, especially our young people", he explained. In conclusion, Mr. Fotiou asked for the support of the federations to promote the platform.

Subsequently, the delegates were informed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ioannis Kasoulidis regarding the foreign policy of Cyprus.

Afterwards, the President of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Panagiotis Papafilippou, presented the KEBE "New Entrepreneur" Program aimed at young entrepreneurs under the age of 40 and the screening of the documentary "Looking for the Truth" concerning the Program of the Republic of Cyprus for the exhumations of missing persons and the identification of remains, which was edited by the Office of the Commissioner of the Presidency in cooperation with the RIK.

The work of the Conference ended with the drafting and approval of resolutions.

The Commissioner of the Presidency thanked the members of the Central Council, the federations and especially the young people, who are the future, for their participation and assistance in the work of the Congress. "It was a very productive and enlightening conference, at a critical moment for Cyprus, during which our expatriates had the opportunity to be informed about all the issues that concern them and especially about our national issue that they are so interested in," he pointed out and underlined that the Cypriots of the Diaspora are the best ambassadors of Cyprus abroad today. "We thank them, they deserve to be congratulated for their work," he concluded.

The President of POMAK Mr. Andreas Papaevripidis and the President of PSEKA Mr. Philip Christopher made statements as follows:

Mr. Papaevripidis said: "The sessions of our Central Councils went very well, as did the NEPOMAK Conference which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. After this year's conference, we will go back to the countries where we live, determined to continue our work even more intensively. Although Ukrainian is of more concern to the international community, the parameters are the same. It is an opportunity now that Turkey is attacked by everyone, for something to be done for Cyprus as well. We go back with will and determination. We are not going to give Cyprus to the Turks."

For his part, Mr. Christopher said: "With the end of the work of the POMAC and PSEKA Council, together with the Conference for the 20-year NEPOMAC, I can say that our conference has been upgraded quite a bit. In these critical moments when Turkey becomes more aggressive, more expansive and demanding, I believe that the role of expatriates becomes more important. In the US we have proven by stopping the sale of F16s that it is a method to keep annoying Turkey. Of course, its position has been upgraded because of the invasion of Ukraine, but over time, there is an opportunity for us to prove that the invasion of Cyprus 48 years ago is the same thing as Russia's invasion of Ukraine."

Mr. Christopher also referred to the importance of enlightenment, stressing that "the Cypriot Government has not understood the value of enlightenment and huge funds should be spent now that there is also Ukrainian and the world should know that 48 years ago it was exactly the same thing in Cyprus. Putin is following Turkey's strategy." Finally, he referred to the Varosian issue and expressed everyone's disappointment because, as he said, it is an extension of the occupation. "I regret that there was not enough resistance in this matter," he pointed out, but, "now we are leaving ready to continue the fight. On September 20-22 we will have a Conference in Washington, with Mr. Kasoulidis and the Secretary of State of America Mr. Anthony Blinken and Senators to push more", he added.

Regarding the participation of many young people in the Conference this year, the two Presidents expressed their optimism and the expectation that their knowledge and influence, especially in social networks will help a lot in the promotion of the Cypriot.

Tonight, there will be a concert entitled "Little Homeland", which is organized in memory of the Cypriot Diaspora Nikos Mouyaris, with songs and poems inspired by the Turkish invasion of 1974 and foreignness. The concert, which is under the auspices of the Office of the Commissioner of the Presidency and PSEKA, will take place at Skali Aglantzias, in Nicosia, with the participation of performers from Greece and Cyprus.